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Vision and Mission

We believe packaging is an integral part of the product and we are committed to making it an asset.

Our Vison:

Teram; First Packaging Choice for Top Brands


Our Mission:

We know our mission “improving the efficiency of our customers packaging” and we believe that packaging is an inseparable part of any products and Teram is here to make this part an Advantage.

By efficiency, we mean:

  • Protecting the product
  • Facilitating product transportation in small or large numbers
  • Creating attractiveness and encouraging end user to buy
  • Providing necessary information about product
  • Branding and differentiation


Therefore, under the same roof we have gathered all a customer might need to meet its diverse needs in packaging and throughout “Value Engineering” we provide Best Solution considering customer’s need, demand, resources and values using different technologies and materials in a way making sure creating “Values” or “Added Values” for the customer.

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