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Social Responsibility

We believe that protecting and promoting the society we live in is the duty of all people living in that society. We believe that in a healthy society healthy people would grow up and desirability and satisfaction is affordable in such society. So we assumed responsibilities such:
  1. Humanitarian activities and supporting charities
  2. Promoting packaging knowledge of society
  3. Supporting education and research in packaging industries

In this regard, TERAM has supported the following centers:

  • Fakhrolmoluk Charity; in support of orphaned girls
  • Rehabilitation institute for Down Syndrome; to treat, educate and empower their families

Hoping for a brighter future for tomorrow’s generation


Professional Responsibility

Organizations depend on their customers and they create and form existential philosophy of organizations. Therefore, our very first responsibility is to our customers.
We are to recognize customers whom it is their key value to have an efficient packaging and effective packaging supplier and to comprehend and meet their present and future packaging needs and strive to go “Above and Beyond” their expectations.
Concept of value to us is everything that leads on customer’s trust, Including:
  1. Just in time delivery according to agreed plan is one of our responsibilities.
  2. We provide differentiation solutions for customers packaging by addressing one or more of the following: elegance and beauty, attention to detail, fashionability, geometric proportion, applying non-visual senses
  3. Our interaction with the customers is based on respect, mutual trust and professional business principles.
  4. Protecting financial transparency and honesty in business is one of the most important values we believe in and adhere to.
  5. We believe in customer confidentiality.
  6. We are committed to fulfilling our obligations.
  7. Of our abilities is to transform the idea into a product that we maintain and enhance.
  8. We are the brand keeper of our customers.
  9. We believe in standardization and moving toward highest standards of the industry.
  10. We design, produce and control based on standards indicators of the industry.
  11. We produce our customers’ orders in an environment that meets sanitary standards of the industry.
  12. Innovation is one of our core values to continually improve customer service.