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  • Make a difference
  • Problem Solving
  • Ideation and Innovation

Much of Teram Group’s activity over the past decade has focused on this market.

The result of this focus is our understanding of the concerns of the food market.

We even built the Teram building according to food and drug standards and set strict standards in this regard.

Successful packaging has been introduced to the food market by partnering with customers and friends of the food industry.

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Entering the food industries section

  • Competitiveness
  • Creating market share through packaging
  • Innovation alongside delivery time

This is the oldest market in which Teram has ever been. A market with a serious competitive environment where customers must adhere to all the principles of professionalism in order to win.

In addition to being particularly sensitive to the possibility of high volume and circulation, delivery times are also important in this market.

Teram introduced the cellulose industry to win-win packages, some of which produced millions of boxes and are still on the rise.

With the help of his cellulite customers and friends, Tram made a big difference in the trend of wrapping paper.
The success story of some of these packages is very audible.

Entering the cellulose and detergents section

  • Produce unique visual attractions
  • Innovation in structure Design
  • Familiarity With the International industry Market

Our specialty is the production of luxury packaging, and this market is where this type of packaging comes together.

In addition to the technical know-how required, Teram has provided specific hardware for operating this market globally.

The result of mastering specific technical knowledge, tools and equipment, and most importantly of all ideas and innovations in the field, has been the creation of packages that are well suited to their mission of attracting the ultimate customer.

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Entering the cosmetics section

  • Mass production capacity
  • Make a difference
  • Liner

The importance and breadth of the tea market was so strong that Teram focused on one of its main markets.

Tea packaging is a combination of high volume production and visual differentiation and attractions.

In addition, there is a serious need for Liner to produce product with automatic packaging equipment for some customers.

As a result, we brought together all that was needed for a long-term collaboration with tea producers under one roof, and in the process we gained valuable experience of serving the tea industry.

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Entering the tea section

  • Diversity of complexity
  • Packaging awareness to the end customer
  • Encouragement to buy through differentiation

The enormous diversity in this market complicates the competition.

There are many different packaging structures and different types of techniques available in the market, and each customer uses one of the differentiation methods to meet their needs.

At Teram Group, we have partnered with manufacturers of electronics, spare parts, stationery, apparel, footwear, home and kitchen appliances, chemicals and many more and have been able to work together to meet any need or demand.

Our passion or expertise is to find the best solution for the best product.

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Entering the consumables section