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Our Values

TERAM is a value-based company and its existential philosophy is not apart from its responsibilities and values. We believe that TERAM’s values are not only representative of us but even the sole reason to our stability and growth.


  • We build Trust by commitment to our promises, financial transparency and reliability and confidentiality
  • We perform based on standard indicators clear, systematic and legal structure.


  • Our luxury perspective creates “propose distinctive design and production”, “Layout work environment” and “Etiquette and protocol”
  • We believe our Elegance would promote by perception and use of beauty, intricacy, fashion, geometric fit and non-visual senses in our solutions.


  • We believe that respect starts with mutual trust, professional ethics, a win-win approach and integrity.
  • Adherence to merit-based selection, respecting the right of others and belief in long term relationship are the principles of mutual respect in our company.

Above & Beyond

  • We believe that we and our stakeholders superiority caused by innovation, a high standard of performance, quality and quantity of human resources development
  • Continuous improvement in productivity and quality, attention to value creation, better customer service, product development and being updated make us exceptional.


  • We believe that Mindfulness is to be sensitive to our customers also to protect and optimal allocation of resources, risk management, optimal selection, safety issues, circuit laws, the importance of the environment and dignity of individuals, identifying stakeholders and considering their background and values.