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Customer Service

We believe customers choose us based on our quality of our services. We believe that success and growth in customer service can only be fully achieved by having a value-based corporate culture, therefore Customer Service is and always will be TERAM’s first priority.

We believe that from the most basic layers of the organization to the top management, they should be coherently and consistently at the service of customer engaged in providing information and customer satisfaction.

Customer service unit is alike an advocate who is at the heart of a continuous improvement cycle responsible for improving customer service at all levels of the TERAM organization.

The most important goals of the company are based on the five values defined as TERAM.

Trust Elegance Respect Above and Beyond Mindfulness
Make organization:

  • Honest
  • Clear
  • Systematic
  • Establishing a professional relationship based on PR principles
  • Preserving organization elegance
  • Believing in long term relationship
  • Not violating rights of every beneficiaries
  • Growing Customer Service
  • Product development
  • Being up-to-date
  • Execution and following up orders in shortest time
  • Notification of order status or any change in status
  • Providing effective time and cost management solution for customers

Commitment of Customer Service Unit is to provide information with this approach to the customer.