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KOENIG & BAUER Rapida 145

The largest double-coating printing machine in the country with 6 colors


Rapida 145; What …? Why…? How…?

will you get with the KOENIG & BAUER Rapida 145-6 + LTTL ALV2 – CX – FAPC printing machine:


  • More circulation production
  • Less waste
  • Uniform quality
  • Cardboard size reduction
  • Reduced production time
  • Reduction in the finished price
  • Color management based on Fogra39 and ISO12647-2 standards



  • Large machine dimensions (ten sheets)
  • Machine height (the possibility of using longer pallets with more cardboard)
  • Non-stop (non-stop production from starting to finishing an order)
  • Production of covers simultaneous with printing
  • Automatic zinc replacement
  • Storage of JOB and COLOR FLOW
  • COLOR CONTROL inline technology
  • Continuous LAB color measurement and automatic adjustment of ink valves
  • Instant ergotronic reading of LAB color
  • Automatic registry setting
  • Registry error-free through ACR (Point Registry)
  • Very strong cardboard razors for fluffs
  • Maximum time of machine access due to being new



  • ۱۰۶ x 145 cm Dimensions
  • Speed: 15000 sheet per hour (with 10 sets)
  • Color printing with 6 colors
  • Double coating (Two UV Towers simultaneous with Printing)
  • Non-stop in in cardboard feeding and delivery
  • Production of cardboard with a thickness of 1.2 mm
  • Ability for microfloat printing and heavy cardboard up to 1.6 mm thick
  • Automatic measurement of ink density
  • Automatic LAB color measurement during production
  • Color management based on Fogra39 and ISO12647-2 standards
  • Very strong cardboard razor
  • Inline connection to MIS

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